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Brand new calipers and pads all around, brand new left fender.   



Note the terms “car carrier”, “auto transport”, “car hauler”, and “car trailer” refer to the same equipment.

Buyer Benefits

- One Owner - U-Haul - Since the Equipment Rolled off the Assembly Line Provides a Complete Status Report

- Include Free Phone Support After the Sale
30 day free maintenance and repair phone support hotline

- Professionally Maintained by U-Haul's Preventive Maintenance Program

- Complete Parts Support After the Sale

- Watch this U-Haul on YouTube Video: How to tie down your car on a car hauler

- Read Up on How to Properly Use the Equipment: Auto Transport Trailer User Instructions

- Come Take a Look at the Equipment or Set an Appointment On-line

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Note that this equipment is sold  “AS IS – NO WARRANTY”.  There is a $49 processing fee. 

The buyer received title from U-Haul with all liens released and signed over to the buyer’s name. 

It is the buyer’s responsible to process the title and register the car trailer with the state.

Again, thank you for taking the time to review this equipment.


- Empty Weight: 2,000 lbs
- Gross vehicle weight: 6,000 lbs

- Outside width: 8' 3"
- Outside height: 3' 6"
- Tire size: 14" wheels
- Loading ramp length: 5'
- Loading ramp width: 16"
- Trailer length: 19'
- Treadplate length: 12'
- Treadplate width: 17"

- Independent hydraulic braking system (no brake control required)
- Ratchet tire straps
- Drop down driver's side fender (watch the above U-Haul on YouTube video for a demonstration)
- Heavy duty C-Channel frame
- Safety chains with Rubber Retainers

- Your vehicle in tow: Maximum weight is 4,000 lbs
- Your vehicle in tow: Maximum outside-to-outside tire width of 75".
- Your towing vehicle: Hitch Ball sizes of 1-7/8 and 2 inches
- Your towing vehicle: Hitches must be able to tow the weight of the transport (2000 lbs) and your vehicle in tow